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To LA-LA Land and Back

1/1/05 07:26 pm - ladeephoenix - Memory Book update

The book is back from the printer! I'll be getting them ready to ship this weekend, and start getting them in the mail on Monday! Thanks, everyone, for your patience! You all rock!

11/11/04 07:07 pm - ladeephoenix - Memory book price

I've set the price per book at $10. This will cover printing and shipping.

Thanks, everyone, for your contributions and support! You all rock!

11/10/04 08:15 pm - ladeephoenix - IMPORTANT INFO!

I posted to this Lair, but I'm posting here, too, for everyone hanging out on/watching LJ: :)

Hi, gang. After getting some initial estimates for the printing and nearly fainting dead away at the cost, I've weighed several of my options:

1) Not doing the memory book at all--which really isn't an option--I'm determined to get it done, so forget I mentioned this option. :)

2) Doing an electronic file only--which is equally unappealing--the idea is to have something tangible we can all get our hands on

And lastly:

3) Doing a limited print run based on the number of copies ordered, and charging for each book. If this option is acceptable to everyone, the good news is, the price would not be more than $10 a piece.

But doing a limited run would mean I'd need to have all the orders, and all the money in, by December 1st.

This has been rather disappointing for me. I was really hoping to be able to pull off something better than this. But, the cost is going to be about 3 times what I had estimated, and waaay beyond my means at this point. So, let me know where you stand, what you think, and we'll go from there.

In other news...this is also last call for submissions. I need to have everything in no later than November 20. That way, I'll be able to find out exactly how many pages the book is going to be so I can get a precise cost from the printer, if we all decide we still want to have it professionally printed, that is.


10/19/04 03:28 am - ladeephoenix - Almost Human

We head out to the tour of Rob’s special effects shop, Almost Human, trading stories about lunch. My roomies have had the most time with Hal so far, as he ate the first courses of the meal at their tables. Kim showed him the exercise balls and the rather dubious instructions for keeping them healthy. He was able to read the instructions written in Chinese, and told her that they did not match the English translation. Sometime in the course of the meal, he also mentioned he was happy to be a conduit for bringing people together (i.e. bringing us all together for SPARKSVISION), and talked about QAF always being overlooked for Emmy’s. And in the midst of this, he managed to drop a fifty-cent word that secured the loyalty of the English majors in the group: ubiquitous. Hey, any man who can fake sex with other men and let fly with the occasional polysyllabic word is…clearly not a Republican candidate for president. Sorry. Cheap shot. He’s clearly…wonderful.

The drive takes us through a middle-class residential area that looks like an unlikely place for an effects shop. The streets are narrow and divided by small traffic circles that slow our pace. We turn onto a side street and wind up missing the entrance to Almost Human…several times. There’s nothing to distinguish one building from the next. Finally, we spot fellow SV attendees in a parking lot and turn in. As more people show up, we collect near the entrance. The shop looks like a converted warehouse or garage, and it’s absolutely sweltering. The big garage doors are open, but there’s no wind, and no air conditioning in the adjoining offices.

More ALMOST HUMANCollapse )

10/18/04 11:33 pm - ladeephoenix - Pix from MistyCat

Shelly/MistyCat104 sent along these pix from SPARKSVISION! Thanks, Shelly!

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10/13/04 08:06 pm - ladeephoenix - Reminiscing

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Seattle Lair gang (or do we comprise a "gaggle?) ;) and reminiscing about SV. It's amazing the details that get lost over time, and the details that resurface during conversation. After going over our memories of SV, I've gone back into my last journal entry to flesh out a few things.

So thanks, ladies! It was great food and great company! :)

9/30/04 12:23 pm - ladeephoenix - Big China

We arrive in Chinatown well ahead of schedule, and after parking the car, decide to explore what we can before lunch. We take pictures of the ornate architecture. We stop at a vendor along the street selling souvenirs, trinkets and gifts. Joyce looks for a new pair of sunglasses. Kim tries out the various Chinese meditation balls set out over a long table. (A friend of mine here in Bellingham jokingly refers to them as Ben-wa balls--and if you're not sure what Ben-wa balls are, suffice it to say, you don't want to confuse meditation balls for Ben-wa balls and have your nether-regions chiming the hour like a miniature Big Ben. Big Ben-wa? Ah, never mind.) I look at trinkets and jewelry. I could easily buy up half the store. I’ve always had a fascination with Oriental culture, and every boyfriend and friend-friend, up to and including my (ex-) husband, has had some link to Japan or China, whether it be learning a language, a martial art, or having traveled there. Hal definitely fits into this pattern of attraction, albeit at a much different level. I still have a copy of the I-Ching to absorb, I’ve studied a little bit of Tae-Kwon-Do, and am beginning to flirt with feng shui and Tai Chi. I keep thinking there must be something I’m supposed to learn from Asian culture. Where Christianity has always felt cold and judgmental, Eastern philosophy feels patient and compassionate. It just…makes sense.

I come back to Kim, who’s rolling the meditation balls around in her right hand. I’m impressed with her dexterity. I pick up a set and manage to look like an intern performing her first prostate exam. I put them back. Kim shows me the slip of paper that comes with the set: “Instructions for Healthy Balls.” We giggle like schoolgirls who’ve just looked up a dirty word in the dictionary. She tells me she’s thinking of buying the set and having Hal sign the instructions. I laugh. The idea is just suggestive enough to earn my respect. ;) There's just something oddly apropos about Hal Sparks signing off on the instructions to "healthy balls."


9/26/04 10:15 pm - ladeephoenix - Great Equalizers: Keycards and Pop Culture...

With apologies for the talky detours...those will probably get cut or edited...

We catch up to Jim Coughlin after his show at the Improv Olympic that night. Wanda and Shirley need to know whether or not the Olympic will admit under-21s, and Jim is almost certain they won’t. Maybe another show can be scheduled? Or some special arrangement can be worked out with the Olympic? Damn, damn, damn. This will have to be worked out tomorrow with Hal.

I carpool with Lorie, Wendy and Megan back to the hotel and we discover that our rooms are only 2 doors down from each other. Cool! It’s definitely beginning to feel like a big slumber party.

And suddenly I’m the bad girl sneaking in after curfew. It’s one o’clock in the morning. I argue briefly with the keycard, muttering under my breath, and finally get the door to open. (Apparently, the keycard responds to early Anglo-Saxon vernacular.) The room is dark and quiet, except for the whir of the air conditioner. Ah, air conditioning. A luxury by Northwest standards. Joyce and Shelly are asleep. Nikki has reserved another room for just that night, and Kim has agreed to stay with her. I notice that the bizarro curtains are finally shut. Apparently, a thick white curtain was tucked behind the decorative drape. (How many travel-weary fans does it take to close a curtain anyway?) I guess I won’t be required to perform a strip tease. Which is a relief: I’d be the only stripper in town issuing refunds.


9/26/04 01:39 pm - ladeephoenix - Changes to Journal Entries

Hi, there,
I'm writing out my journal entries in a Word doc before posting them here. The Word doc will be the basis for my part of the memory book. I'm a compulsive re-writer/editor of my own work, so I do go back and flesh out details after I've done the first major bulk of the writing. There were SO MANY impressions and thoughts throughout the SV weekend, so much to take in, it's difficult to remember them all in a first write. As we chat about stuff in the Lair or here in LJ, more of those impressions re-surface. I'll try to get re-writes posted here, but may miss something from time to time.

If you read a post here, and can't quite connect the dots between A & B, or aren't sure of my tone, or what the hell I'm talking about, let me know. I'll go back and try to flesh out that part of the entry. For instance, after I'd posted to the Lair about the elevator, it occurred to me that I should mention in my journal that I am phobic of elevators. I think those particular pieces of info provide a bigger context for my comments. I don't want anyone to think I'm just sniping or taking potshots.

9/22/04 10:30 pm - ladeephoenix - MEMORY BOOK/TRAVEL DIARY!

Hi, everyone!
My concept of the memory book is expanding as I begin to piece it together.
If you'd like to contribute, but don't want to or have time to write lengthy journal entries, feel free to jot down a few quick shout-outs to Hal and his friends, or friends that you made at SV, or write out a funny anecdote, what the experience ultimately meant to you, whatever comes to mind. Doesn't have to be elaborate.

Also, if you have photos you'd like to contribute, please email the raw files to me at halcoholic@comcast.net. I'm planning to do a center spread of full-color pix, and sprinkle b&w pix throughout the rest.

I'd like to get a final copy of the book to the printers at or around December 1st, so it will be complete in time for Christmas. This means I'll need at least the last two weeks of November to get it ready. If you can get all materials in to me by November 15th at the earliest, November 19th at the latest, that would be wonderful!

Thanks! :)
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