ladeephoenix (ladeephoenix) wrote in sparksvision,

Changes to Journal Entries

Hi, there,
I'm writing out my journal entries in a Word doc before posting them here. The Word doc will be the basis for my part of the memory book. I'm a compulsive re-writer/editor of my own work, so I do go back and flesh out details after I've done the first major bulk of the writing. There were SO MANY impressions and thoughts throughout the SV weekend, so much to take in, it's difficult to remember them all in a first write. As we chat about stuff in the Lair or here in LJ, more of those impressions re-surface. I'll try to get re-writes posted here, but may miss something from time to time.

If you read a post here, and can't quite connect the dots between A & B, or aren't sure of my tone, or what the hell I'm talking about, let me know. I'll go back and try to flesh out that part of the entry. For instance, after I'd posted to the Lair about the elevator, it occurred to me that I should mention in my journal that I am phobic of elevators. I think those particular pieces of info provide a bigger context for my comments. I don't want anyone to think I'm just sniping or taking potshots.
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