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I posted to this Lair, but I'm posting here, too, for everyone hanging out on/watching LJ: :)

Hi, gang. After getting some initial estimates for the printing and nearly fainting dead away at the cost, I've weighed several of my options:

1) Not doing the memory book at all--which really isn't an option--I'm determined to get it done, so forget I mentioned this option. :)

2) Doing an electronic file only--which is equally unappealing--the idea is to have something tangible we can all get our hands on

And lastly:

3) Doing a limited print run based on the number of copies ordered, and charging for each book. If this option is acceptable to everyone, the good news is, the price would not be more than $10 a piece.

But doing a limited run would mean I'd need to have all the orders, and all the money in, by December 1st.

This has been rather disappointing for me. I was really hoping to be able to pull off something better than this. But, the cost is going to be about 3 times what I had estimated, and waaay beyond my means at this point. So, let me know where you stand, what you think, and we'll go from there.

In other news...this is also last call for submissions. I need to have everything in no later than November 20. That way, I'll be able to find out exactly how many pages the book is going to be so I can get a precise cost from the printer, if we all decide we still want to have it professionally printed, that is.

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