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To LA-LA Land and Back

9/21/04 04:32 am - ladeephoenix - Everything Old is New Again...

09/10/04 Part Two
We finally find the Days Inn on Sunset. I wind up circling the block more than once because I keep missing the lobby entrance. The driveway is paved in brick and it gives me this weird feeling of driving up onto someone’s porch. I wind up picking a spot in the In-and-Out Burger’s 30-minute parking next door, and we haul our luggage out of the back of the “Jaguar Sonata.” ;) The desk clerk finds our names on the reservation list and hands us the credit card-like room keys that will become a running joke throughout the weekend.

We have a room on the first floor with a view of the pool. And the idle sunbathers at poolside apparently have a view of us. The curtain is opened, with only the sheer to partially obscure things. The only sign of Shelly, our other roommate who had checked in the night before, is her luggage. I look at the two beds and the 2-3 feet of space between them and the dresser and think, “We’re going to fit how many people in here?” We’re still waiting for Nikki, whose flight is due to land any time now. I’ve lived by myself for the last 4 years, with just 2 cats to keep me company. I hadn’t shared a space with so many other women since college. And I smile inwardly at the memory of moving into the dorms as a freshmen.

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9/19/04 02:38 pm - ladeephoenix - My Head's Where?

The landing back in reality hasn't been as painful as I anticipated. There have been small patches of turbulence: the cool, Fall weather, co-workers whose minor messes I've had to clean up after, and my head being firmly planted in the clouds. Or rather, the L.A. equivalent: being planted firmly in the smog.

It's been nice not having a thick coating of mucus line my nose as my immune system tries to "Kung-Fu" the smog, it's been nice not feeling hot and sweaty and sticky after a few minutes of walking, it's been nice not having to play a live-action version of the Star Wars: Phantom Menace pod race on the freeways. But...

The good friend I had cat-sitting for me while I was in L.A. wound up spending the week here (long story). She was afraid of "cramping my style," but in truth, her being here made helped bridge the gap between sharing a room with 4 other women to sharing an apartment with...my cats. I didn't realize just how quickly I'd adjusted to having so many people around until those people were gone. And now, my friend here as moved on, getting ready to move into a place of her own. Between that and the drear weather forcing me to shut up windows and doors, I'm already been feeling claustrophobic and restless. The sun made a cameo appearance this morning, and my mood made an immediate--if brief--rebound.

I've been telling whoever would listen ;) about my experiences in L.A. Truly, it's one of the best experiences of my life, if not *the* best. Earlier this week, my friend Jeff gave me a wan look and asked, "So, you're moving to L.A. next year, huh?"

Yeah. As my roomie pointed out, it's the place to be, especially if your career path demands networking with others in the field.

My ulterior motive for going to SV had been to experience L.A. as an adult. All I had prior were memories of Disneyland and Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm with my family. Not exactly representative of the city itself. At least, I don't think the transient wandering Hollywood Boulevard muttering an improvised version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" was a paid employee of Disney. Sad.

Ho-hum. I'll do more journaling later. Time to get a shower and get the blood flowing...

9/19/04 03:11 am - dottcom_factor - New LJ account name

Hi, everyone!
In the interest of keeping my online names consistent, and changing my LJ account name to something *I actually like*, I've set up a new LJ account:
http://www.livejournal.com/users/ladeephoenix. I'm going to switch administrative functions for this community over to ladeephoenix, and I'll start posting under that name here shortly. Thanks for your patience.

9/17/04 02:28 pm - dottcom_factor - Minor changes to community

Hey, gang! I really enjoyed meeting everyone at SV! That was one weekend I didn't want to end. (Although I'm sure Hal and Co. might quibble with me on that point.) ;)

Anyway, I've made a few minor changes to the LJ. One is that I've removed the restriction against using people's first names. Since we flip back and forth between real and Lair names on the Lair, I figured it would be okay to do the same here. :)

Also, I've opened up the posting options. You do not have to be a member of this community to post entries, but you do still have to be a registered LJ user. (Non-LJ users are limited to commenting only.)


9/17/04 01:23 pm - dottcom_factor - A Gathering in Eden(?)

What the fuck am I doing? This is the thought that jolts my brain as my alarm buzzes me awake. The weekend I’ve been looking forward to since July is here. IT’S HERE. Holy shit. It’s been a generally crappy year up to this point. Not much to distinguish it from a tax audit. The summer--my new membership in the Lair notwithstanding--has been a drag. Beginning with the rejection of my play by a local theater company in early June. It’s a political parody of Bush and Co. with a huge cast that includes God visiting Dubya in the form of Miss Cleo, and a rewrite of the Last Supper as the farting scene from Blazing Saddles. (Eat your heart out, Ibsen.) ;) What did I really expect? Oh fricking well.

I’ve done nothing more than the daily grind for over a year, going to work, coming home to a silent apartment, trying to write, with a head full of ideas and a spirit running short of determination. I’ve let myself become reclusive and complacent again.

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9/15/04 07:21 pm - dottcom_factor - Back to reality :

SPARKSVISION! ROCKED! It's been an experience I'll never forget. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I am still floating--my feet have yet to touch solid ground. :)

I wish I had more time to continue going through pix and start posting full entries here. However, I'm now back at my job, covering for a co-worker who's now on vacation; am facing the reality of having to work 12 days straight. Yuck. :P Hopefully I'll have some time soon t reflect back. And I look forward to reading all your stories!

I loved meeting you all! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

9/8/04 09:59 pm - dottcom_factor - New Layout

As you can see, I've been messing with the layout and style of this community. Not totally happy with this, but I like being able to have a pic in the background. I'll probably be making more changes in the future. Feel free to comment with any suggestions about what you'd like to see.

Safe journey everyone! See you all soon! :)

9/8/04 11:19 am - dottcom_factor - Ack!

Two more days, and I still have tons to do! If I were any more wired right now, I could petition to become a power plant and generate power for the greater Puget Sound. ;) Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I feel like I'm just operating on adrenaline and caffeine right now.

A couple of bonuses: yesterday I received my HSB tee (woot!), and I've managed to buy a kicking new pair of boots and jacket.

Better sign off and get to it. Get the last-minute crap taken care of....

9/6/04 12:11 pm - dottcom_factor - Of Sleep and Shopping

It's become clear that I was not supposed to sleep at all this weekend. I have been absolutely WIRED. Yesterday, I braved the crowds at the mall--along with a friend of mine--to buy some new threads for the Roxy and (I think) Hal's birthday party. My poor friend looked absolutely near-death by the end of it, and she was looking about how I felt. But even once I got home, I couldn't sit still. I had to make dinner (a rarity for me); I had to attend to stuff online; I read; I wrote. I went to bed around 3 a.m. and slept rather fitfully.

This morning, starting around 8, my @#%*! neighbor started a home-improvement project, hammering and banging around, and generally disturbing what usually is a peaceful neighborhood. Dumbass apparently doesn't get that LABOR DAY does NOT mean you're supposed to be laboring. I was about to go shove that hammer up some place the Trading Spaces team would not approve of.

So anyway. I'm up. Brewing some caffeinated go-juice. Getting ready to hit the mall here one more time, and then maybe head down to Burlington to find some new boots.

9/5/04 01:40 am - dottcom_factor - The Countdown's Begun...

Seven days. Seven days. My brain's buzzing with all the nitpicky--and not so-nitpicky-- details I have to attend to before I leave on the 10th: make sure my tentatively scheduled cat-sitter is still available to sit my cats; re-up prescription meds for my allergies; choose outfits for each day/night of SV. Gads, I am still at a loss for what to wear. Will be hitting the Labor Day sales this weekend, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my HSB t-shirt. :)

This is somewhat nerveracking for me. I didn't dawn on me until a fellow Lair-ite said something like it that this is--the last leg of my road trip last year excluded--the first time I'll be going on vacation by myself and socializing with a whoooole new crowd. Man, I *have* been more or less sheltered. I've always traveled with friends, family, boyfriends or the (now ex-) husband in the past. And this trip marks what for me feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life: possibly moving out of Washington state this next year and moving on. Finally. Wow. Who knows? Maybe by this time next year, I'll actually be living in L.A. Or maybe Las Vegas. I figured if I didn't have the cajones to do this, then what was the use of dreaming of moving out-of-state? Consider this the proverbial dipping in of the toe before cannonballing into the pool. It's becoming a reality. One minute, one day at a time.
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