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To LA-LA Land and Back

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A diary of the trip to SPARKSVISION in Los Angeles, California, September 10th-September 14th, 2004. Share your excitement, your hopes, your worries, your experiences of the chance-of-a-lifetime weekend with actor/comedian/musician Hal Sparks! Did you just about faint when Hal hugged you? Did he crack a joke that had you rolling on the floor? Was this your first major trip away from family? What was it like for you? Was this your first trip to L.A.? What did you think of it?

Please observe the following rules:
1) Please treat fellow community members with respect. Refrain from flame or 'shipper wars. I will investigate any reports of abuse and delete posts and/or ban members as necessary.
2) Please respect Hal's and each other's privacy. Do not post any information regarding Hal or fellow community members that would constitute an invasion of privacy.
3) If your post runs long, please place it behind an lj-cut. If you're not sure how to do this, email me or check Livejournal's FAQs.
4) You may post pictures, as long as they're hosted on your own server/web site. Post only pix that you are the owner/originator of. Do not post pix of other Hal's Lair members and/or fellow SV attendees without their express permission. If you need help with Photoshop'ing photos, let me know. I can probably help blur or crop out faces as necessary.
5) Please beware of copyrights. Do not post anything that could be in violation of U.S. Copyright Law. (MP3's of HSB songs are a NO-NO!)

Have fun! :) I will keep this community active as long as people continue to participate. If all goes well, I may turn this into a book, both in electronic and book versions, for members to have as a keepsake/souvenir. And uh, no. I don't intend to sell the book or in any way profit from it. This is strictly informal, a way to share our experiences and have another memento of the event. :)